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My watch mania :) The page where I'll add pieces of my retro/vintage watch collection .

CASIO AE-220 Twin-graph II
This 808 case watch is quite rare. Released 1988.
Even pictures of this model is hard to find.
With the plastic case and strap it is easier to find, but with the steel case and strap almost impossible.
I found this treasure from Helsinki and payed 1€ for it ;)

And all functions are working. 
Some light scratches on chrystal, but that's OK for me .

This ladies Casio Casiotron is Japan made. Produced from 1976 to 1978.

It has original strap and anyway condition is very good.

Under the chrystal is model code 06-504 and back of the case 06-501 .

Color around the display is green and there is a " diamond " and text Casiotron.

I found this piece of Casio LCD history from our local second hand shop.

Casio Casiotron 38CS-14 from early 80's.

That watch is quite bad condition. It has lot of scratches, but I like it anyway.

I bought this  Casio from second hand shop about a year ago. I think that price was eight euros.

This watch was a wrist computer in 1980's commercial ;)

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